Corporate Overview

Established platform technology for the generation of off-the-shelf allogeneic cellular immunotherapies

Licensed platform technology with greater than 20 years of basic science, pre-clinical and clinical development from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Directs stem cell expansion and differentiation of broad range of blood and immune cells derived from sustainable source material (cord blood) that can be engineered

Phase 2 clinical program addressing unmet needs in AML

Lead product (dilanubicel) improves remission rates in AML​

Extensive safety record for dilanubicel >with 250 infusions to date

Path to registration

US $3.3b market opportunity


Deep Product Pipeline

Product pipeline generating allogeneic cell therapies utilizing the Notch expansion platform

Near term IND targeting NK cell therapy program in 2020


Robust Manufacturing and Experienced Team

Extensive manufacturing experience and know how and successful technology transfers from academic to CMO to commercial

Experienced process development team with cell therapy/manufacturing experience.



Our Platform

Notch-Mediated Cell Expansion Platform for the Production of Progenitor Blood and Immune Cells for Clinical Application

Deverra Platform
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